Selecting a Target Market: A Look at the Healthcare Industry

Imagine your life without over-the-counter medications, at-home testing supplies, and walk-in clinics. Managing your health would be challenging and cost-prohibitive. Innovations that simplify and broaden the reach of treatment are ubiquitous, but this was not always the case. Many within the healthcare industry have historically resisted change, due to questions of efficacy and ethics, stating […]

Disruptive Diplomas: The Higher Ed Dilemma

The concept of disruptive innovation extends to many areas of consumerism, and higher-education is no exception to this fact. Since the late 1980s, institutions have offered alternative study programs to the traditional 4-year degree, including online courses, specialized learning programs, and 2-year degree alternatives. Since the introduction of these programs, universities and colleges have struggled […]

How Innovative Disruptions Develop: Original Goods vs. New Wares

In Seeing What’s Next, (Christensen, Anthony & Roth, 2004) the authors discuss the three basic steps of how innovative disruptions develop: Entrants enter behind a shield of asymmetric motivation – they capitalize on overshot or untapped customers. Entrants grow and improve, while incumbents flee — fleeing is sometimes easier than fitting a disruptive innovation into […]

The Overshot Customer and the Rise of the Prosumer Digital Camera

The innovation of digital imaging technology has precipitated a dramatic change in the ways in which we photographically document our lives. Before the development of the digital camera system, amateur photographers were limited in their ability to compete with professionals, due to lack of access to sophisticated (and expensive) photographic equipment, darkrooms, educational training, and […]


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